Strawberry Limoncello


All of our Full Circle Spirits have been distilled from 100% natural award-winning Sparkke brews that otherwise would have been lost during the recent shutdowns. They’re a triumph of resilience and innovation, and usher in an exciting new era of excellence in sustainable distilling. Please enjoy.

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Highest purpose: On the rocks / Neat / Spritz 

This ode to summer is distilled from our award-winning hard lemonade and celebrates the taste of fresh Adelaide Hills lemons and strawberries. There’s a rush of lemon acidity followed by a strong blush of strawberry on the palate, balanced by a sweet liqueur finish. 

On International Women's Day or any other day, enjoy our small batch limited edition Strawberry Limoncello. Rose has produced just 85 bottles of this strawberry-kissed liqueur from our signature lemon spirit. Part of the  Full Circle Spirit collection is hand bottled, labelled, and numbered. It is 100 percent natural and lightly filtered to retain all of its delicious goodness so please keep it refrigerated and serve chilled.

Bottle Size: 700mL

ABV: 20%

*Promotional offers & discounts are not applicable to our Strawberry Limoncello.

Our beautiful all-natural, Strawberry Limoncello must be stored in a cool location and kept refrigerated (between 0-4 degrees) once opened.