Lemon Flower Gin


All of our Full Circle Spirits have been distilled from 100% natural award-winning Sparkke brews that otherwise would have been lost during the recent shutdowns. They’re a triumph of resilience and innovation, and usher in an exciting new era of excellence in sustainable distilling. Please enjoy.

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Highest purpose: Gin & Tonic / Gin Martini / Negroni

Our gin heroes botanicals we hand-pick in the Adelaide Hills and a dosage of the lemon rich spirit distilled from Sparkke’s 100% natural, award-winning lemonade. 

It’s a small batch, sun-drenched Australian spirit that brings our love affair with lemons full circle.

Botanicals: Juniper / Coriander / Angelica Root/ Orris Root / Lavender Flowers / plus a few maker’s secrets

Bottle Size: 700mL

ABV: 40%

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