Hi there! We hope you enjoy our Pale Ale! We put together this page so that you can learn more about Sparkke and their partnership with Trace - as well as what the offer entails for your followers. Because we want to be as transparent as possible throughout our journey to carbon-neutral and want you to come along the journey with us!


As a part of Sparkke’s mission to be carbon neutral by 2025 our multi-award winning and 100% natural pale ale is now carbon neutral. To make this beer taste even sweeter, we’re giving your followers the opportunity to get personally carbon-neutral too. Having teamed up with the beautiful people at Trace, a female-founded and led climate tech company helping businesses and individuals to go net-zero.


All that your followers need to do is purchase any product using the discount code we sent to your Instagram account and they will receive an email with the code that can be used in the checkout on Trace’s website.


Need more information about the Trace offer?

We know going carbon neutral can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Trace provides a streamlined process to make it simple, affordable and engaging for anyone wanting to go carbon neutral. Here’s how it works:


  1. 1. Simply select the plan which best suits your lifestyle
  2. 2. Enter the code we provide with your purchase into the Trace checkout
  3. 3. And done! For the next 30 days your personal emissions are offset and you are a climate positive human!*


Find out more about Trace and the wonderful work they do at https://www.our-trace.com/


The Journey is Just Beginning

We’re the first to admit we don’t know all the answers yet regarding how we will reach carbon neutrality, what best practice is to reduce carbon emissions, how to best calculate emissions or which carbon offsetting projects are best aligned with Sparkke and our values.


This is a journey we are committed to and will share transparently with you. If you have any feedback or questions about the more intricate details of how we measure our emissions and our roadmap please feel free the email ryan@sparkke.com.


Thank you again for your support and we hope you enjoy your drink!

* Terms and Conditions for Sparkke x Trace Offer

Offer applies to all plans in any currency. You will be required to provide your payment details when you subscribe, but your card will not be charged until the 1 month anniversary of your membership. You can cancel your membership online at any time.