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Sparkke Spirits Come Full Circle

Just at the moment when the world is thirsty for hope, for triumphs, and the taste of a positive future built on remnants of our immediate collective past, Sparkke Spirits bring you a modern story of transformation and renewal.


Our Full Circle Spirits take you on a delicious journey that literally begins with the freshest and most premium local ingredients selected by a passionately sustainable brewery recognised for creating premium and 100% natural beers, ciders, hard lemonade and ginger beer.


Think fresh crushed apples, juiced lemons and grapefruit from the orchards of the riverlands, ginger from Buderim….


Add two resilient female founders (one a brilliant flavourist), a global pandemic and thousands of litres of beautiful brews trapped in a quiet warehouse as the clock winds down. Now bring a brilliant distillery partner, a famous whisky expert, and a few other friends to the equation.


It all adds up to The Full Circle Collection from Sparkke Spirits delivering a new chapter in distilling innovation, sustainability and tasting excellence to our closest family and friends.

With a limited release of 130 bottles, buy now for $89

With a limited release of 200 bottles, buy now for $89

With a limited release of 200 bottles, buy now for $89

With a limited release of 50 bottles, buy now for $99

With a limited release of 85 bottles, buy now for $99

Full Circle's Guiding Spirit - Rose Kentish

Brews are at the heart of our spirits, and Rose Kentish company co-founder, flavourist and highly awarded Australian wine maker brings this deliciously to life in Sparkke’s new Full Circle Spirit trilogy.


Spirits have always been on the pathway for Sparkke, but the Covid-19 environment gave Rose the opportunity to fast track her development of the company’s first exceptional stand alone range.


With sustainability at the core of the company’s values, Rose developed a unique production pathway for Sparkke’s award winning, 100% natural brews – unlike wine, always best super fresh. Her focus was to close the loop on any of our craft brews before they aged, so she cut short their best before life and moved them into an innovative distilling program. Using pure, award winning brews at the heart of her distilling process, adding more botanicals, fruit, oak or just aging time, Rose created these exceptional spirits and closed the loop on her makers philosophy. And she keeps it all small batch, each bottle hand filled, labelled and numbered.


In an industry increasingly driven by scale, Rose Kentish genuinely embodies the essence of the artisan.


A delicious new sustainable gin


We infused our Lemon Flower Gin with freshly baked organic quinces hand picked from the family garden, to release the flavour of sweet ripe peach and the heady perfume of orange blossom. You’ll find a soft sweet finish and the soul of Autumn in a bottle. It’s slightly cloudy appearance reflects the natural oils and esters of the herbaceous botanicals and quince. It’s all part of our passion for sharing the natural beauty and flavour of a truly artisanal gin.


A delicious new sustainable Strawberry Limoncello


This ode to summer is distilled from our award-winning hard lemonade and celebrates the taste of fresh Adelaide Hills lemons and strawberries. There’s a rush of lemon acidity followed by a strong blush of strawberry on the palate, balanced by a sweet liqueur finish.


On International Women's Day or any other day, enjoy our small batch limited edition Strawberry Limoncello. Rose has produced just 85 bottles of this strawberry-kissed liqueur from our signature lemon spirit.

A delicious new sustainable gin

Rose set out to make a gin that would be perfectly matched for the ultimate Australian summer G&T. Fresh lemons from the riverland of South Australia are the hero in a spirit forged through the distillation of Sparkke’s 100% natural and award winning lemonade. A delicately balanced flavour profile, complete with savoury notes, provides a gin that’s also equally extraordinary in a gin martini.

A delicious new sustainable red amaro


If you’ve ever tasted the wines that Rose makes in France, you will be delighted but not surprised when you taste her delicate, bright, Red Amaro. A more sophisticated and contemporary nod to Campari and Aperol, her Australian Amaro is distilled from Sparkke’s 100% natural and three time award winning apple cider and authentic Ginger Beer. An essential element in a great Negroni; or just add soda and a slice of orange for a refreshing spritz.

A delicious new sustainable malt liqueur


Brews are literally at the heart of our contemporary honey malt liqueur, distilled from our award winning, 100% natural pale ale and ginger beer. Our liqueur is then infused with the warmth of cinnamon, organic honey from the Mill at Middleton, orange rind and the woody notes of oak. Especially included for our friends from Save The Bees, is propolis, highly prized for its healing properties.

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