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Introducing our newest collaboration - Sparkke x Save the Bees. Earlier this year, as unprecedented bushfire emergencies wiped out tens of thousands of commercial and native Bee hives in Australia, Sparkke released a Black IPA called ‘To Bee Or Not To Bee’ to raise awareness about the importance of Bees and their increasing vulnerability. And now, we’re partnering with Save The Bees Australia to help them continue working to ensure the survival of healthy Bee populations. Here’s how it works.


You invest in 100% natural, award winning beers and other Bee friendly brews from Sparkke (Yup!- no preservatives, no sulphur and bloody delicious), a female-founded and led craft brewery that makes drinks for everyone. We then give up to 100% of the profit from each sale to Save The Bees Australia - so that they can start relocating hives before they’re destroyed.


Every $10 spent through the Sparkke store saves 300 Bees. The bigger math is pretty simple – spend $100 through Sparkke, and you’re helping us save 3000 Bees. Spend $1000, and you’re saving an entire Bee hive (on average, more than 30,000 Bees).


With your help we'ed saved 2 million bees since November. And all up, we’re aiming to raise enough money for Save The Bees Australia to rescue and relocate 6 million Bees before the end of this. So watch this space.


But that’s not all we’re doing, read here to learn more about our Save The Bees partnership.


Black IPA

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In The Spirit of Honey

The Scale of Honey Fraud is Exponential

And it is rampant. Ensuring honey is sourced ethically and sustainably is important - there’s absolutely no question about that. We know the labelling laws for honey itself are misleading, but it gets a whole lot murkier when you move a generation away and into the alcohol space.


In Australia’s $15 billion p.a. booze industry, domestic AND international producers are barely required to even list ingredients, much less identify the quality or the origin of those ingredients. Honey is a very common flavouring and fermenting agent. Encouraging all producers to understand the importance of bees and the use of ethically and sustainably sourced honey (and all of the flow on benefits for safeguarding both) is a part of our broader mission.


Sparkke & Save The Bees

When Sparkke first met with met our new collaboration partner Save the Bees , we were attracted by their for-purpose social enterprise structure and their values. Sparkke, already using organic Orange Blossom honey from Aldinga, SA in their alcoholic ginger beer was asked to produce a premium, ethically sourced, sustainable and cruelty free product. The result? A Honey Malt Liqueur.


Supporting Local Bee Keepers

Rose Kentish, Sparkke Co-Founder had distilled our 100% natural pale ale and ginger beer, whose use by date was slowly winding down during Covid lockdowns, flavoured with honey, spices and propolis.


Both the honey and the propolis sustainably harvested by Sam, a local Adelaide beekeeper from his hives in his coastal home in the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. The result is a delicious, hand labelled and bottled Honey Malt Liqueur that we are proud to have certified with our Save The Bees seal. A seal that warrants the source and the quality of the honey inside and is our first, small step in raising awareness and changing behaviours in the alcohol industry.




To understand the importance of Bees, it’s essential to understand that all living organisms and environmental elements are connected within a single ecosystem. Since the early 1960’s scientists have been using Bees as indicators of environmental health; today there is global concern regarding the state of the world's bee populations.


Animals pollinate 80% of flowering plants, among these Bees are by far the most important with around 25,000 different species doing their busy work worldwide. As they search for food, Bees carry pollen from flower to flower making reproduction possible for the majority of plant species, both wild and cultivated. Making them invaluable in the grand scheme of things. Let’s not forget about honey which is pretty delicious stuff.


But Bees are more than just honey. They are sun lovers, pollen matchmakers, community driven workers and nature’s most prolific sex workers. They share startling similarities with human behaviour - Bees enjoy sleep, perfume, nicotine, voting (and even some illicit drugs) the same way humans do. Honeycomb hives are incomparable architectural masterpieces - the aeronautics industry recognised the phenomenal strength of the honeycomb and adapted nature’s flawless honeybee design to enhance the bending and stiffness of all aircraft wings. And much like humans, the longer a bee lives the more it’s memory starts to fade.


Help us take care of these fascinating creatures. Buy beer. Save Bees. Sparkke Change.



Save the Bees Australia

Save the Bees Australia is a social enterprise focused on community education and advocacy for Australian native Bees and European honeyBees. The organisation was established in 2014 by Founder and CEO, Simon Mulvany, as a rescue mission to re-home honeybee infestations and save them from extermination. Since then the organisation has saved hundreds of colonies and has evolved to become the voice of bee lovers Australia wide.



Sparkke is a female founded and led alcohol company making award winning 100% natural beers and other bee friendly brews. Yup! No preservatives, no sulphurs and 100% no bullshit (with some vegan & gluten free bevvies too!). We use our platform to raise awareness and funds for socially-conscious organisations - to well, #SparkkeChange.

And now, in our latest collaboration we’re partnering with Save The Bees Australia to help them continue working to keep our Bee populations safe.


Our Can Message - To Bee or Not To Bee
Bee's Are Nature's Sex Workers

For 130 Million years their promiscuous pollinating has brought us food, flowers and honey. Now their wild bee populations are under threat. Bee informed bee-fore it's too late!


We love Bees. It’s why you are reading about our partnership with the fierce advocates at Save The Bees.


We’re collaborating with Save The Bees Australia to save Bees through swarm and hive relocation, but equally importantly we are also working to achieve a number of important objectives, including:

- connect honey lovers with ethical local honey producers

- call on florists and companies who use flowers commercially to use Australian grown flowers especially natives (did you know that Australian native flowers are grown overseas and imported for sale because they are cheaper?)

- tackle some of the world’s largest pesticide producers who are literally poisoning the natural world with toxic products such as Round Up.


Our campaigns will roll out across the summer and we’ll be calling on you for your support. To stay in touch register here.


Australia’s whole honey industry is under threat from imported honey. Over the last decade, there have been many instances of honey fraud in Australia, and there are unscrupulous large (and small) players that continue to fail to fully and correctly label their products, frequently claiming to be 100% Australian, and ethically sourced, when in fact they are not. Most of us remember the 2018 scandal when Capilano, Australia’s largest honey brand was caught using imported honey in products they claimed were 100% Australian.


Aside from labelling fraud, imported honey can carry viruses such as foul-brood and may be toxic due to pollution. Some beekeepers feed their Bees corn syrup or sugar which Bees store the same way as they do honey; it is subsequently harvested for consumption with impure honey as a result.


Save the Bees Australia has created a community honey map which connects consumers to beekeepers that has been used over 600,000 times!


You can help by purchasing local raw honey direct from ethical beekeepers. Honey is sacred and should be treated as such. Selling directly enables the beekeeper to sell at retail prices. Hopefully, this adds security for the beekeeper and enables the local community to experience local raw honey (trust us, no two natural honeys taste exactly the same, but they are incredible).


This solution to the global Bee crisis is beautiful. According to the United Nations small scale localised farming can feed the world, providing holistic benefits without the use of harmful poisons.

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