The Menu


Two Gulf Crab Bagel + Fennel + Orange

Entree #1

Coorong Wild Mullet Escabeche + Mussels + Lemon Vervena + Thyme

Entree #2

Adelaide Hills Steamed Mushroom Dumplings + Warrigal + Saltbush + Chilli


Drunken "Gin" Nomad Farms Chicken + Pickled Kohlrabi + Cavlo Nero + Sesame


Steamed Ginger & Carob Pudding + Quince + Buttermilk & Bay Sorbet


Section 28 + Candied Fig + Toasted Rye

After a spectacular and sold out Guest Chef Series with Christine Manfield and Simon Bryant at Sparkke at the Whitmore’s award-winning restaurant fare, we’re delighted to announce the next installment of our 2021 Guest Chef Series with one of the state’s most celebrated chefs, Karena Armstrong.


Bringing her extensive knowledge of gin to the table as renowned Salopian Inn’s chef owner, Karena will deliver a five-course degustation menu prepared with, and paired with, five superb artisanal gins. Joining Karena on the night, these five brilliant makers will deliver a rare, intimate gin master class.

Karena’s work is recognised far and wide. Her flagship, The Salopian Inn at McLaren Vale, is a jewel in the crown of regional dining in Adelaide’s south.


As co-owner and chef, Karena has stretched her ideas and enthusiasm to develop a surprising, seasonal and ever-changing menu centered on Asian flavours and timeless techniques.


Karena and her team are committed to growing a large percentage of their own ingredients, they are leading producers of the rich Fleurieu Peninsula region. Guests should feel relaxed, comfortable, and eat in their own way.

Brews are at the heart of our spirits, and Rose Kentish company co-founder, flavourist and highly awarded Australian wine maker brings this deliciously to life in Sparkke’s new Full Circle Spirit trilogy.


Spirits have always been on the pathway for Sparkke, but the Covid-19 environment gave Rose the opportunity to fast track her development of the company’s first exceptional stand alone range.


With sustainability at the core of the company’s values, Rose developed a unique production pathway for Sparkke’s award winning, 100% natural brews – unlike wine, always best super fresh. Her focus was to close the loop on any of our craft brews before they aged, so she cut short their best before life and moved them into an innovative distilling program.

Founded by proud Larrakia man Daniel Motlop, Seven Seasons is a premium distillery that use the world’s oldest new flavours. Products are inspired by the Seven Seasons, as laid down by the Larrakia people. Seven Seasons heroes indigenous Australian ingredients. Following the

sustainable lores of the land, and using what is bountiful in nature, they make sure those ingredients are there again next year, and the year after that.


Approved for sustainable harvesting by both the government and traditional owners of the land, they work closely and respectfully with nature. If you’re good to her, she’ll be good to you.

The KIS story began in 2002, when Jon and Sarah Lark married and set out to establish Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery, where they wanted to do things properly, the traditional way.


Early on, Jon and Sarah visited Sipsmith in Hammersmith, London. There in the suburbs they saw that Sipsmith had started making a premium gin in a small shed, using a small still. This gave the Larks the confidence to continue the KIS distilling journey with an even smaller still than they were already using in their own shed on KI. They knew they were on the right track.

When I make gin, here’s what I’m trying to do: I’m trying to connect – me to you, you to your friends, everyone to a spirited sensation. Using a mix of art, science and intuition, I make complex and balanced gins crafted for the curious, to connect and create lasting memories. That is my way, Brogan’s Way.


Not doing what you love wipes the smile from your face. One day you wake up and realise what you really should be doing. For Brogan, it had to be making spirits.


Why did it have to be spirits?! You step into a regulatory minefield, 101 different steps. And setting up in an inner-city council with one of the first distilleries added a whole lot of extra red tape, patience and perseverance. But when you follow your heart it has a way of leading you to what is important.

Never Never Distilling Co. is the story of us, three people with a passion for flavour, having a serious go at creating Australia’s most exciting and innovative spirit brand. It is the culmination of our separate journeys, three paths walked that have managed to intertwine here in South Australia.


Call us crazy, but we decided to make juniper (the main ingredient in gin) the core of everything we do. Never Never is here to start a Juniper Revolution, making juniper the hero of our bold, modern-classic gins. We distil their juniper in three ways using our triple juniper method, complimented by eight other botanicals including the distinctive Australian pepper berry. This creates rich and complex gins that make delicious gin and tonics or cocktails.