We are proudly founded and led by women, but we make beer for everyone. Our diverse genders, minds and tastes makes us bolder, better, richer. We don't want to just be the best female makers, we want to be the best makers.  


The old boys club has far too many members. So we set out to create a new kind of club - where everyone has a seat at the table. Even in a bar.

We found out pretty quickly there are many barriers to starting a brewery, and add a few more for every norm that you challenge. But we looked those challenges in the eye and gave ‘em a wink.

We wanted to cater for all tastes, that meant lower alcohol in a standard drink. Though it should be anything but standard; 100% natural, layered, nuanced and f***in' delicious.

We get that alcohol has a dark side, but it can also be a solution. It’s not gonna solve your problems, but neither will milk. Sharing a drink is one of social glues of our society, a great conversation starter. And by mixing social with change, we’ve made the conversation a lot more interesting.

Now it's a good thing everyone’s checking out our cans.

Kari Allen & Rose Kentish, Sparkke Founders


On the outside, our can messages raise awareness about issues that matter. Issues we strongly believe in and support for through our cause partners. When people drink Sparkke, they do more than crack open a can. They open a dialogue that can open eyes, open minds and open hearts.


We believe that as long as people accept crap, companies will continue making it. So when it comes to keeping it real, we call it out and deliver a 100% natural alternative. Our drinks are layered and nuanced, 100% natural, vegan and/or gluten free. This means no preservatives and absolutely no additives. So yeah, it's the real deal. To learn more about the social issues that Sparkke supports read on below.


NB: Trigger warning there is content relating to sexual consent below.



To Bee or Not To Bee
Bee's Are Nature's Sex Workers

For 130 Million years their promiscuous pollinating has brought us food, flowers and honey. Now their wild bee populations are under threat. Bee informed bee-fore it's too late!


Wild and domesticated bees are an integral part of global ecosystems, but high-input farming practices. Including pesticides, fertilisers, and GMO technology - have upset Mother Nature’s balance, threatening wild and domestic bee populations.


Animals pollinate 80% of flowering plants, among these bees are by far the most important with around 25,000 different species doing their busy work worldwide. As they search for food, bees carry pollen from flower to flower making reproduction possible for the majority of plant species, both wild and cultivated. The food we eat and the natural world we love cannot exist without them.



The Last Straw
Just Say No

Single use plastics are choking our oceans, our landfill and have entered our food chain. Make the last straw a reality. Say a hard no to all single use plastics today.


Put simply, single-use plastics are goods that are made primarily from fossil fuel–based chemicals (petrochemicals) and are designed to be disposed of right after use—often, in mere minutes. Single-use plastics are most commonly used for packaging and service ware, such as bottles, wrappers, straws, and bags.


A 2019 report by the Centre for International Environmental Law reports that our plastic binge threatens global attempts to meet the Paris Climate agreement and should be urgently halted. The report predicts that plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget by 2050. That is the equivalent of more than 2.75 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.



All We're Asking

The symbols and practices of racism in our country are tragically plentiful with ingrained practices extremely difficult to eradicate. In some cases, the symbols, less so. Every year Australia has the opportunity to reconsider the impact of celebrating its national day, Australia Day, on a day that marks the arrival of Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet in 1788, at what became known as Sydney Cove.


For Aboriginal people – First Nations Australians – it marks the arrival of two centuries of dispossession, theft, slaughter, disease and death. In fact, 26 January is Invasion Day, a day of mourning.


If we’re to begin healing as a nation our past has to be properly acknowledged. Part of that means moving the date of our national day as a show of respect to Australia’s traditional owners.


This is the work of white Australia, to own and act upon, not assign to Aboriginal leaders and communities. It is an issue of human decency and respect at a time when Australia’s racism has been brought in to sharp focus. White Australians have the opportunity to raise a mirror, and ask themselves what stops us from supporting a healing process by changing a date that still divides a nation?



Advance Australia Fair? 
Time to Manus Up

We continue to violate the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, forgetting our basic roots as immigrants and incarcerating asylum seekers. It’s time for change… Manus Up!


While it seems like a ‘new problem’, the issue of asylum seekers in Australia has been a fiercely debated political topic for generations. Unfortunately our nation’s record is blemished. A humane refugee policy requires that a country honour its commitments under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.


In recent years, Australia has been repeatedly found to be in breach of this convention, and also in breach of the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, for our treatment of asylum seekers when they arrive on our shores – including children. This is shocking, but true.



Climate Change Is A Burning Issue
"Our House is on Fire" - Greta Thunberg

Scientists have given us a decade to find solutions for our climate crisis. History has taught us we can meet this challenge, but we have to act now. It's on all of us.


For 200 years the mining and burning of fossil fuels has warmed our planet. How? Our earth has an atmosphere filled with greenhouse gases that keep it at a nice liveable temperature. But when fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are burnt, they release greenhouse gases that trap heat in and warm our planet.


Humans caused the climate crisis and it is our responsibility to fix it. There are just 100 companies responsible for causing 71% of global pollution. While we have everything we need to reduce pollution fast, we must act together to vote in governments committed to solving the problem.



Girls Just Wanna Have Funding
We've Got a Daversity Issue

If you’re a Dave (or a Tom, Dick or Harry) you’re more likely to get funding for science, arts or start-ups than women are. Data’s in; diversity delivers more.


Gender equality in Australia remains one of the great persistent injustices of our nation. Sure, we gave women the right to vote by the early 1900s, so what’s the problem?

Well, we haven’t advanced all that far since.

Women are still far more likely to suffer violence at the hands of intimate partners than men. The gender pay gap stubbornly remains and in fact has increased in 2020. Female representation in parliament is one third that of men. Re-set required!



Hottest Sex Tip Ever? 
Ask, Baby, Ask!

There’s nothing sexier than being asked if you want to play. If you’re not ready to ask, then you’re not ready to play. It really is just that simple.


Consent is the active process of willingly and freely choosing to participate in sexual activity of any kind with someone else, and a shared responsibility for everyone engaging in, or who wants to engage in, any kind of sexual interaction with someone.


When there is a question or invitation about sex of any kind, when consent is mutually given or affirmed, the answer on everyone’s part is an enthusiastic yes. This means that sexual consent is not just making sure that someone doesn’t say no – but ensuring that the person enthusiastically says YES. Consent CANNOT be assumed.


Sparkke has donated $116,000 in-value, in-kind and in financial support. Sparkke partners with organisations to raise awareness on issues and to generate funds for some much needed financial support - even through some of the most extraordinary times.


Because really, it's well past time to #SPARKKECHANGE.

- The GO Foundation

- SA Museum

- SA4SA Bushfire Relief Fund

- Cuddlee Creek Bushfire Relief Fund

- Welcoming Australia

- APY Gallery

- Share the Dignity

- Front Line Workers

- St Vincent De Paul's

- Mums 4 Refugees

- Feast Festival