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The Delicious Truth About Our Pilsner

ABV: 3.5% | Vegan | 100% Natural

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If you’re a big fan of inclusivity and looking for a highly sessionable, 100% natural beer with nothing hidden or nasty this will be for you.

An enticing new-world pilsner lager that draws inspiration from its Czech/Bohemian ancestry with a 21st-Century, Antipodean punch. Mid-strength, it’s a genuine marvel because it’s super clean but packed with flavour. For beer nerds, this is owing in part to an elegant dry hopping of New Zealand-grown Wai-iti and Wakatu hops. It’s refreshing, with a fruity, citrusy aroma, and a creamy mouthfeel.

So approachable; it’s an easy-drinking classic and absolutely perfect for those who are discovering craft beer, or any beer, for the first time.

ABV 3.5%
IBU 12 IBU's
HOPS Hallertau Blanc, Saaz, Wai-iti, Wakatu
MALT Pilsner, Carapils, Wheat

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