Kiss Kiss Cocktail Kit (Serves 23)


All of our Full Circle Spirits have been distilled from 100% natural award-winning Sparkke brews that otherwise would have been lost during the recent shutdowns. They’re a triumph of resilience and innovation, and usher in an exciting new era of excellence in sustainable distilling. Please enjoy.

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This luscious kit has an RRP of $240

This vibrant cocktail kit is the very definition of fun in a glass, and it’s absolutely designed to light up the night. You’ll find everything you need to replicate our Kiss Kiss Gin & Amaro Sour (excluding house staples; ice, sugar syrup, and egg white if you like to foam up your sour). It’s absolutely jam packed with citrus flavours, then balanced by savoury aromas of thyme and hibiscus. We’ve included two of our very favourite coupe glasses, the Reidel Nic & Nora, with an RRP of $50. The recipe also heroes our award winning Lemon Flower Gin, superb as the back bone of any gin sour, martini or just simply on the rocks.

What you'll get:

1x700mL Lemon Flower Gin

1x 700mL Red Amaro

2 x Nic & Nora Glasses

Dehydrated oranges

(excludes egg whites, Wonderfoam, sugar syrup, lemon juice and ice)