Full Circle Trilogy Phials

30 packs in this limited run!


All of our Full Circle Spirits have been distilled from 100% natural award-winning Sparkke brews that otherwise would have been lost during the recent shutdowns. They’re a triumph of resilience and innovation, and usher in an exciting new era of excellence in sustainable distilling. Please enjoy.

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The Perfect Limited Edition Gift

For the lover of artisanal, thoughtfully crafted spirits, we present Full Circle Spirit Phials - perfect for the discerning person with a sense of occasion in life.

6 beautifully packaged glass phials nestled in recycled wood-wool; each one hand filled and labelled. Our spirit phials continue the Full Circle journey, elevating the theatre of cocktails in this unique limited-edition collection.

2x 50 mL Lemon Flower Gin

2x 50 mL Red Amaro

2x 50 mL Honey Malt Liqueur

About Our Red Amaro

Our bright, delicate Red Amaro is distilled from Sparkke’s 100% natural, multi-award-winning apple cider and ginger beer. It’s then infused with orange rind, Davidson Plums, Rosella and Hibiscus Flowers, and a few makers' secrets. Lingering bitterness from gentian delights the Negroni obsessive.

About Our Lemon Flower Gin

Our gin heroes botanicals we hand-pick in the Adelaide Hills and a dosage of the lemon rich spirit distilled from Sparkke’s 100% natural, award-winning lemonade. 

It’s a small batch, sun-drenched Australian spirit that brings our love affair with lemons full circle.

About Our Honey Malt Liqueur 

Our Honey Malt Liqueur is an exuberant celebration of summer. Distilled from Sparkke’s 100% natural, award-winning Pale Ale and Ginger Beer The warmth of cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla sit across woody notes of French oak.   

About Our Full Circle Spirits 

Brews are at the heart of our spirits.

We distil our award-winning brews to create delicious, accessible premium spirits and liqueurs using 100% natural ingredients.

Our focus is to close the loop on any of our craft brew stock before it ages. To ensure that only the freshest of our brews are ever in the market, we cut short their best before life and move them into our distilling program, adding more botanicals, fruit, oak or just aging time, to create exceptional spirits which close the loop on our makers intentions.

And we keep it all small-batch, each vessel hand filled and labelled; numbered by batch. In an industry increasingly driven by scale, we celebrate the essence of the artisan.