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The Delicious Truth About Our Apple Cider

ABV: 5% | Gluten Free | Vegan | 100% Natural

Australian Cider Awards: 2017 Gold, 2018 Silver, 2019 Bronze

Sweet Nectar of the gods, ambrosia from the garden of good and any case our highly awarded cider is heavenly. Nothing but pure Adelaide Hills apples, picked on a Monday and brewed on Tuesday. Made from eleven different seasonal varieties of Adelaide Hills apples each batch is unique with its taste and colour maturing over time.

Our hand picked apples are freshly crushed and fermented with Champagne yeast, then filtered for that clean, clear, crisp flavour. It’s a medium-sweet and classic cider that literally tastes like fresh apple juice. In a market where the use of sulphur, flavour concentrates and additives are common practice, our cider is authentic, made from scratch, and completely preservative free. This is the real thing.

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